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Some Fans Captured the Last Time Prince Performed ‘Purple Rain’

Before Prince died, on Thursday, he played what would become his final show only one week ago, in Atlanta, as part of his intimate Piano & a Microphone series. As was the Prince way, there’s barely any evidence of it online, thanks to his strict no phones or camera policy. But luckily, a few rule-breakers in the audience captured his finale: “Purple Rain” on the piano. It will likely go down as the last time Prince ever performed the song, though People reports that he did throw a party two days later at Paisley Park — despite being hospitalized last Friday for the flu — so it’s possible he performed it again. As with most things with Prince, it’s a mystery. Watch some brief fan-filmed clips from the performance above and below, as well as look at an incredible photo someone sneaked from the show.

Watch Prince’s Final ‘Purple Rain’ Performance