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Prince’s SNL 40 After-Party Performance Is One Hell of a Good Time

While Saturday Night Live hosted a fitting tribute in honor of Prince last night, there’s an additional never-before-seen video of the Purple One that finally surfaced online: an epic six-and-a-half-minute performance at the SNL 40 after-party. As the story goes, former cast member Jimmy Fallon, encouraged by Dave Chappelle, had the major hand in orchestrating the impromptu performance. “Prince, if you’re here, I dare you to come up onstage,” Fallon explained on an episode of The Tonight Show days after the special aired. “All of a sudden, the crowd parts and there’s purple smoke and the dude’s floating toward the stage.” What ensued was a rousing rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy,” where the guitar-toting legend was surrounded by the likes of Chris Rock, Bill Murray, Haim, and the Roots. Groovy, man.

Watch Prince’s SNL 40 After-Party Gig