time capsule

This Clip of Sophie Turner Singing ‘Hello’ As Jon Snow Contains All We Need to Explain April 2016 to Future Generations

Greetings, future earthlings. You may not understand our language, but allow us to offer the above video as an example of our people’s accomplishments and culture. What you see is Sophie Turner, actress in the popular HBO (like television, but not quite) series Game of Thrones imitating another character in the series while singing a song by musician and prankster Adele. Turner appears in a franchise — do you still have those? Do you only have those? — known as X-Men, and in the clip, she imitates a character from those films as well. She also lip syncs Justin Bieber, a phenomenon we cannot explain fully here. Hope the future is well. Sorry about the ice caps.

Watch Sophie Turner Sing ‘Hello’ As Jon Snow