Tegan and Sara Made a Video-in-a-Video With Mae Whitman, Rachel Antonoff, and Clea DuVall — Fangirl Accordingly

What does it take to make a good music video? Beyoncé, obviously. But when you don’t have Beyoncé on hand for such things, you make due with what you got — which, in Tegan and Sara’s world, is all your crushes. For their “Boyfriend” video, they’ve gone meta on us, putting the behind-the-scenes making of a video inside an actual music video. The real-life video was directed by Clea DuVall (!), while the fictional video was directed by designer Rachel Antonoff (yes, older sister of Jack), who is having way too much fun with green screens and props. Zebras, really, Rachel? Parenthood’s Sarah Ramos assists Rachel in all this chaos, which means: Mae Whitman cameo! Meanwhile, Tegan and Sara work a wind machine and serve face throughout. Swooooon.

Watch Tegan and Sara’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video