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Final Trailer for Adam Sandler’s Do-Over: David Spade, Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Another trailer is here for the second of Adam Sandler’s four Netflix movies, the first of which — The Ridiculous 6 — was watched more in its first 30 days on the service than any other film during its first 30 days. Sandler’s next film, The Do-Over, stars David Spade as one of those guys whose life sucks because his wife is sleeping with her ex and his kids punch him in the stomach (we swear that’s a trope). After attending his high-school reunion and reconnecting with old buddy Max (Sandler), the two fake their deaths and start over with new identities. What follows are threesomes, guns, cliff jumps, and ill-fitting clothes. Now we see why it was important Netflix rhymed with “wet chicks.” Watch The Do-Over’s latest preview above, and catch the original below:

The movie, directed by Steven Brill, hits Netflix on May 27.

Watch the Final Trailer for The Do-Over