This Clip Will Make You Want to Go on Vacation With Tilda Swinton

In the new film A Bigger Splash, Tilda Swinton plays a rock star who’s due for some R and R on the gorgeous island of Pantelleria with her equally gorgeous boyfriend, Matthias Schoenaerts. (Get it, Tilda!) Into this mix comes her garrulous ex (Ralph Fiennes) — though Swinton’s character is on vocal rest, Fiennes does enough talking for both of them — and his glam-bohemian daughter (Dakota Johnson). You can check out their rapport in this exclusive scene,where the foursome comes together for the first time, but we warn you that it’ll make you want to buy a ticket and jet off to wherever Tilda is, and you just can’t, all right? Failing that, why don’t you check out A Bigger Splash and treat it as a two-hour vacation with some unfairly good-looking thespians, with all sorts of sexual tension simmering among them? You’ll have your chance on May 4, when the film opens in New York and Los Angeles (with nationwide dates arriving the following week).

Watch Tilda Swinton in a Bigger Splash Clip