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Watch the Trailer for Coming-of-Age-Road-Trip-Americana-Nostalgia-Comedy Dear Eleanor

Dear Eleanor marks Kevin Connolly’s second time directing a feature-length film, and it’s a far cry from his antics on Entourage. The movie, which can be viewed now on DVD and digital platforms, tells the story of two young girls growing up during the Cold War era who set off on a cross-country road trip in the hope of meeting former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as you do. There are lots of familiar-but-not-famous faces you’ll recognize, like Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games), Liana Liberato (Best of Me), and Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold). The film has everything you could want in a road-trip movie: a classic convertible, a lovable and misunderstood drifter, shots of middle America at its prettiest, and an exotic dancer with a heart of gold. See Jessica Alba as said dancer and Luke Wilson as the aw shucks father of one of the runaways in the newly released trailer above.

*An earlier version of this post misidentified Luke Wilson as Luke Owens.

Watch the Trailer for Dear Eleanor