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What Will the Last Four Words of Gilmore Girls Be?

“Why live in Connecticut?”

This post originally ran on April 1, 2016. We are re-running it in advance of the new season of Gilmore Girls.

In Gilmore Girls lore, four pivotal words loom large: During the show’s original run, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was fond of saying she knew how the series was going to end. Unfortunately, she left the show before its final season and never got to see her plans to fruition — which meant, she told the press, no one would ever know the show’s last four words she’d had planned all along. But earlier this year, Yanic Truesdale confirmed that the show will end with those four words after all when it returns for a four-episode season this Friday on Netflix. What will those four words be? We’ve put our adorably banged heads together and come up with our best guesses.

“Goodbye, Lorelai.” “Goodbye, Rory.”

“Actually, I hate coffee.”

“I love you, Luke.” (But it’s Rory saying it!!!)

“Stars Hollow doesn’t exist.”

“Lorelai Gilmore Sherman Palladino.”

“Oy with poodles already.”

“New neighbors, the Bravermans.”

“Bush did nine eleven.”

“And me, Carole King.”

“I want a divorce.”

“Do you like memes?”

“Babette’s your real mom.”

“New job today, Kirk?”

“Love you.” “I know.”

“Follow-oh-oh-oh where you lead.”

“Go Hitler — for real.”

“We’re ALL Gilmore girls.”

“Birds, dress Paris now.”

“‘Twas Taylor, all along.”

“Gilmore?” “Gilmore, Gilmore.” “Gilmore!”

“See you next time!”

“Sookie, please … kill me.”

“Diner? Try luxury condos!”

“…sister AND my mother!”

“Rory died in 1871.”

Gilmore Girls: What Will the Last Four Words Be?