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Alex Borstein’s Miss Celine Will Be Back for the Gilmore Girls Revival

Vulture Festival - Milk Studios
Alex Borstein. Photo: Bryan Bedder/2016 Getty Images

Stars Hollow is going to make room for at least one more of its delightfully quirky minor denizens for the upcoming Netflix reboot Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. With most of the cast returning for the new series, so too will Miss Celine, played by Alex Borstein. In classic sketch-comedy fashion, Borstein also played a couple of other roles in Stars Hollow: Drella, a rather rude harpist at the Inn, and the original iteration of Sookie — a role that eventually went to Melissa McCarthy, because MadTV wouldn’t let Borstein out of her contract. During the Animated Voices panel at Vulture Festival today, Alex Borstein told editor Nate Jones that her character Miss Celine, Emily Gilmore’s old-Hollywood-schmoozing stylist, would be back for the new series. “Miss Celine is a voice that’s based on a character I did on the stage called the Rainbow Lady,” Bornstein said. “On Gilmore Girls, she’s an old grand dame — really fun to play. And she’ll be making an appearance on the new series.” Hopefully with more wacky stories about Marilyn Monroe.

Alex Borstein Will Be Back for Gilmore Girls