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Anne Hathaway Calls James Corden the ‘Worst British Export Since Smallpox,’ Drops the Mic on The Late Late Show

In this heated rap battle, Corden brings up Catwoman, bad accents, the 2011 Oscars, and The Intern. Hathaway counters with disses about poor ratings, ill-fitting suits, One Direction, and “Carpool Karaoke.” As the actress says, she “Hathaslays” him. Specifically, she says: “You’re the worst British export since smallpox, and you’re more full of shit than a kitty litter box. I saw the One Direction game you did with that tattoo. The one direction that makes sense is away from you.” “That was actually mean,” The Late Late Show host says, licking his wounds. “That was actually a bit mean.”

Hathaway Drops the Mic on The Late Late Show