Come Get Tangled in the Sheets With Joe Jonas and Model Ashley Graham in DNCE’s New Video

Earlier this year, model Ashley Graham made history when she became the first curvy woman to make the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. Now she’s back breaking new ground as Joe Jonas’s romantic interest in the video for DNCE’s “Toothbrush.” Fuller-figured women are, of course, not a rarity in music videos. (Bless Sir Mix-a-Lot.) But in the pop world, they’re less present and, when seen, are generally in the background. Not here: In DNCE’s sun-kissed world, all eyes — especially Joe’s — are on Graham. He and Ashley get busy between the sheets, in the stairwell at the club, and on Joe’s living room dance floor. (Anything to get a girl to spend the night, hmm.) For most of it, Graham’s in just her underwear and, as the lyrics go, his “t-shirt from the night before.” The camera gives her body the same attention normally reserved in music videos for “smaller” women;  it’s a refreshing show of representation made even better because it looks and feels so natural. Take notes, casting directors.

Ashley Graham Stars With Joe Jonas in DNCE Video