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New Assassin’s Creed Trailer: Everybody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

The final trailer for Assassin’s Creed, the upcoming action movie based on Ubisoft’s popular gaming franchise, focuses on the shadowy cabal/megacorporation hell-bent on accessing Michael Fassbender’s ancestral memories for evil. This is an important lesson we all must learn at some point: If Jeremy Irons shows up out of nowhere and demands you help him locate an ancient orb, go ahead and assume it’s somehow related to world domination. There’s a reason you’ve never heard of a non-shadowy cabal, you know? No one is traveling back to the Spanish Inquisition for a fun office team-building trip or something.

Assassin’s Creed premieres Wednesday, December 21, worldwide.

Watch the New Assassin’s Creed Trailer