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Bill Hader Mimics Martin Short and Adam Sandler Reacting to Conan’s Couch Catching on Fire at His Christmas Party

Bill Hader is always a good time, especially when he just gets to do impressions of his fellow celebrities. So gather around the burning couch and listen to this Christmas tale: Conan had a holiday party, to which he invited Hader, as well as Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, and Martin Short. And lo! Conan’s couch caught on fire outside and became a burning 15-foot pyre. Sandler alerted Conan to the conflagration, Martin Short screamed, “Throw it in the pool!” as Hader just watched the pretty lights. Conan’s wife, Liza, meanwhile, actually did something and put it out. And that’s how Liza saved Christmas.

Bill Hader Watched Conan’s Couch Catch on Fire