The Catch Season Finale: Happily Ever After?

The Catch

The Happy Couple; The Wedding
Season 1 Episodes 10 and 11
Editor’s Rating 4 stars

The Catch

The Happy Couple; The Wedding
Season 1 Episodes 10 and 11
Editor’s Rating 4 stars
Mireille Enos as Alice. Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Hey boos! Does everyone on this show behave sloppily and make ignorant mistakes? Yes, duh. I don’t want to hear another word about that, though. We’re going to treat this two-part finale like parents treat their kids when they bring home those janky hand-turkeys. Point is, I really love this show. It’s sudsy fun!

Although the cliffhanger wasn’t as juicy as I hoped, it was still enough for me to be like OhEmGee.edu and get scared for damn near every character. The wait for season two will be torturous, but the good news is there’s plenty to discuss in “The Happy Couple” and “The Wedding.” Rhys and Margot’s mom is hella gangsta, there’s a new hookup, and alliances change more often than they do on MTV’s The Challenge. #DatingMyself. The Catch closes out its first season with a pretty strong finale, so let’s discuss everything that went down. Well, not everything. A lot happened in these two episodes, so I won’t cover every single detail. I promise not to miss anything juicy. Let’s get to it, shall we?

We open where the last episode left off: Dao, Ben, and Alice are worried their lives are ruined thanks to the Kensington Firm. The trio agrees to team up in exchange for Ben getting something good. Dao offers a reduced sentence of five-to-ten years; Alice wants immunity. I’ll let y’all guess what happens. (Yep, Val’s ex-bae eventually gets him the immunity deal.) Ben and Alice are happy, but everyone else reacts the way I do when a Facebook friend I don’t like tries to be an IRL friend:

Everyone is still like, “Ben is trifling.” He was trifling, but he changed his ways for the love of a good woman. Memo to everyone: That shit doesn’t happen in real life, so just fap to this fantasy and remember if someone is being a ding-dong, you need to ping-pong them out of your life. Moving on.

Remember how Rhys was like, “I’m telling Mum” on Margot? Well, he did and she’s in town. Unfortunately, Sybil is not played by Emma Thompson — love her forever — but the actress who plays her is a beast. Not literally, but figuratively. (Way to go, Lesley Nicol!) She seems so sweet, like she’s about to read you Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, but as we see throughout the episode, she doesn’t give a damn about killing other people. That doesn’t bode well for Margot, who still wants to be the head of the syndicate. Sybs just wants her to “bugger off,” return Leah Wells (Nia Vardalos) to her, and fall in line. No one is willing to give an inch. Yikes!

Speaking of yikes, Alice is still doing sessions with her “therapist” and continues to blab everything to Margot. Eek! But just when she’s about to reveal the whole plan, she spies Margot wearing the green necklace from Princess Zara:

Alice realizes she’s been had! She races back to tell Ben and Dao. Across town, Leah and Reggie have become acquainted and Leah seems really into him. Cute. She demands that all three of them partner up, then she’ll help funnel this counterfeit money without getting caught. Welp! So much for Margot being solo. While this goes down, Sybil orders Ben and Rhys to run another con: Befriend Morgan and Stephanie, an engaged couple who are getting married that weekend. Why? Because Morgan’s mom, Virginia, has $20 million dollars in cash straight chilling in her house. If Kensington can steal the money, Virginia will be seen as vulnerable, which will encourage all the policymakers in her pocket to jump ship. Voila! Sybil will wind up being even more of a boss. Damn.

The fellas’ con begins when Ben charms Morgan by helping her secure a venue for the rehearsal dinner after the original place conveniently falls through. Morgan and Stephanie have lunch with Ben, who uses the name “Charlie” for this con. (Rhys is calling himself “Andy.”) Morgan and Stephanie mistakenly assume that the two men are an item and the guys roll with it. Everyone watching at home is like:

The whole “mistaken couple” thing is a cliché, but Rhys and Ben are hella cute, so let the fan fiction begin! Gimme something good to read this summer, y’all! Anyway, Rhys acts all contrarian about weddings, which leads Morgan and Stephanie to call their wedding off so they can live that Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell life. FUDGE! It’s bad enough Sybil wants to kill Ben. How will she react to this?!

Meanwhile, Alice is doing another therapy session with Margot. She tells Margot that Ben says terrible things about his female partner. Margot looks like she wants to cry. Alice sneaks a tracking bug into her purse.

Post-session, Margot rushes to vent to Leah and Reggie, who have made $2 million in fake money. Leah is like, “Boo, you been played” and Margot immediately discovers the device. LOL. This show makes no sense. Alice and Co. are waiting outside, moments away from busting the trio when Dao and the FBI show up. They want to do this “the right way.” Alice is like, “Nah, dawg, let’s just bust Margot.” Everyone storms into the house, but Margot, Reggie, and Leah are already gone. Dang! After slipping away, the trio decides to hang around town, funnel the money, carry on the con. When Margot goes to a bank, though, Reggie spies Agent Shawn and tells Margot to abort. This time, she doesn’t escape. As she leaves the bank, Val and Alice confront her.

Ben and Rhys are out of options, too. The fellas weave a web of lies to Morgan and Stephanie: They say they broke up because Rhys/Andy wouldn’t agree to get married. All this talk about love gets Morgan and Steph thinking, so the wedding is back on! More important, Rhys/Andy proposes to Ben/Charlie. #Boing. Yo, this Catch erotic fan fiction is about to be lit. Anyway, the boys convince Morgan’s mom to hire them to do the wedding on short notice, which means the wedding staff is comprised mostly of Kensington people.

Back to Alice. She doesn’t snitch to the FBI, but she does say some stuff about how Ben will always be a con artist. Alice storms off after she hears that. Girl, get a grip. Ben has been choosing you since day one. When the hell will you learn that he’s ride or die, Bonnie and Clyde (the Beyoncé/Jay Z version, a-doy) for you? Don’t be a dunderhead like Olivia Pope. If he constantly chooses you, believe him.

Later that day, Sybil breaks Margot out of custody and they confront Ben about his traitorous ways. They have collateral to make sure Ben follows through on the con, too: Rhys kidnapped Alice, who just got out of the shower!

Ben agrees to do whatever they want. Rhys lets Alice get dressed, choose a purse, and then they leave her place. After they go to some random park, she pulls a gun on him, which was hidden in her purse. WHY DIDN’T RHYS CHECK THE PURSE?! LMAO. This show. They make a new deal: If he helps them get away, he lives.

Alice returns to the office and decides to crash the wedding, along with Ben and the rest of the Vaughan/Anderson crew. Exxxxcept, Ben gave them a boo boo address. Turns out he was just protecting Alice. He didn’t want her to get hurt. But Alice is like, “Screw that,” and the crew finds the wedding and shows up anyway. Sophie is the wedding singer, Danny is on the waitstaff, Dao and Val are guests, and Alice is fine AF. So fine that she takes Ben’s breath away. AWW!

Let’s pause on Danny for a second, since he finally gets the courage to talk to Sophie. After he asks about Shawn, she says she’s not into him, and then they lean in for a kiss until Shawn is like:

He’s like, “Danny, can I talk to you for a second?” Da. Fuq. They go off together and then … Shawn asks Danny out on a date.

Damn! The plot thickens! I did not see that coming. Danny bumbles through a response, then rushes back to tells Sophie what happened. She is like, “I knew he was gay this whole time.” She just wanted to make Danny squirm. Wait. WUT? You mean Danny could have been DJ Skillrex’ing her vajeen this whole time and she didn’t let it happen because she wanted to have some fun? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE IN YOUR TWENTIES. You play dumbass games. If that were me and I knew Danny was ready to be bae months ago, I would’ve packed my bags, broken the lease to my apartment, and done this into the nearest Uber:

Then I would’ve taken my behind to Danny’s and said, “Boo, I’m moving in.” Anyway, I’m just glad that Danny and Sophie are together.

And guess what? Ben and Alice are back together, too! Because he proposes to her! And then they kiss … in front of everyone … including the Kensington Firm … and Morgan and Stephanie. WHY WOULD BEN AND ALICE DO THAT? So the jig is up. Ben, Alice, Morgan, and Stephanie go into a private room. Ben and Alice explain Sybil’s con, which we see happening. I love how Sybil’s crew is moving giant, shady bins and none of the waitstaff notice. Moving on.

Sybil is about to move the last bin when Dao, Ben, and Alice stop her. They take her to the van, but the van is empty. What the what? Where did all the money go? MARGOT! She took the money with Sybil’s right-hand man. The two make out and run off — and they’re not the only ones. Ben and Alice got tickets to fly out of the country so they can have a lovers’ vacay until they come up with a new plan. (The FBI is shady, so they threw out Ben’s immunity deal.) And Rhys is going to join them. Alice says she will meet them at the airport; she just has to go home and pack a bag first.

She arrives to her house to find a bunch of FBI waiting for her. They got an anonymous tip (from Margot, of course) that she has the stolen painting. After being interrogated by Agent Clark for a hot minute, they let Alice go because there isn’t enough evidence to prove she stole it. Meanwhile, Margot calls Ben to tell him she is the new head of Kensington and that she called the FBI on Alice. When Alice stops by Vaughan/Anderson, she sees the FBI searching through the office. They find enough evidence to convince themselves that she did steal the painting, so they arrest her. The company’s assets are frozen and seized by the government. Just as they lead her out in handcuffs, Ben arrives to confess that he stole the painting! ROLL CREDITS.

Lots of twists, right? Even though I wanted a bit more of a cliffhanger, the finale was still great. I am a little scared, though. How is this show going to last? Every secret is out in the open. I can’t imagine Margot being a big solo baddie for much longer. And so many alliances shifted during these two episodes, it’s hard to know if The Catch has any surprises left up its sleeves. The one thing I do know? I’ll be watching when it comes back. I love this show!

Alrighty, what did you think of the finale? Will you miss The Catch as much as I will?

The Catch Season Finale: Happily Ever After?