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CBS Renews The Odd Couple, Code Black, and Beyond Borders

All About Eavesdropping
Hug it out. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Neat freaks celebrate good news like this, but slobs celebrate it like this. CBS has picked up new seasons of Code Black, Criminal Minds: Beyond BordersThe Odd Couple, and Undercover Boss. The network has yet to announce plans for Limitless and Rush Hour. CBS has already canceled CSI: Cyberpassed on a reboot of Nancy Drew, and let Supergirl fly away to the CW. It has also picked up new shows: the Katherine Heigl legal drama Doubt, Jason Katims’s medical drama Pure Genius, throwbacks MacGyver and Training Day, and the Matt LeBlanc-fronted Man With a Plan among them. The Odd Couple stars Matthew Perry, which means that CBS’s dastardly plan to reassemble the Friends cast is already a third of the way done. Take that, NBC!

CBS Renews Odd Couple and Code Black