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Corey Stoll Was a Little Bashful About His Big Girls Sex Scene


You can always count on the Cannes Film Festival to deliver some carnal pleasures, and while Corey Stoll doesn’t partake in any sex scenes for his Cannes entry, Woody Allen’s Café Society, he bottomed so memorably for Andrew Rannells this season on Girls that he could surely hold his own against any sexual situation screening here. Earlier today at a luncheon on the Croisette, the revealing scene came up and Stoll praised how Girls creator Lena Dunham and director Jesse Peretz handled it.

“What’s brilliant about that show is that [sex is] incredibly difficult to write about,” he told Vulture. “Most sex scenes in movies and TV, the character development stops, the action stops, and there’s sex. And this is the exact opposite, and the sex scene comes along which actually sort of accelerates the character and plot development. All sex scenes in the show are like that.”

Stoll admitted that when he took the part, he was a little concerned about getting graphic. “I had some reservations,” he said. “Originally, there were more [sex scenes].” It wasn’t the nature of the scene that gave him pause, though: Stoll just has his own insecurities about stripping down. “I wish I was as comfortable with my body as Lena,” he said, “but I’m not.”

But while Stoll finds his own love scenes hard to watch, there’s at least one person close to him who didn’t mind the big Girls scene one bit. “My mother actually finds that easier to watch than watching scenes where I die,” he said, laughing. “Which I think is healthy!”

Corey Stoll’s Girls Sex Scene Made Him Bashful