The Daily Show Offers Hilarious Advice to Hillary Clinton: Don’t Be the Boss We Want, Be the Boss We Need

People say Hillary Clinton isn’t a “natural politician” like it’s an insult. (“You know what I really want in a president? Someone who kissing strangers’ babies comes very naturally to.”—people.) Well, Michelle Wolf had some advice for Secretary Clinton on last night’s Daily Show: “Be our boss.” As she says, “We don’t want you to be our boss, but we need you to be our boss.” Because no one likes their boss — even if they’re lousy with dimples — but they still get to be the boss. As Wolf puts it: “The only question we should ask about her emails is ‘Did they get where they were supposed to go?’ Yes? Then shut the fuck up.” We’ll shut up so you can watch for yourself.

Daily Show Offers Advice to Clinton: Be Our Boss