Dashboard Confessional Have Returned — Hands Down, This Is the Best Day We Can Ever Remember

They said it couldn’t be done. An emo revival, ha. And yet here we are with new songs from Brand New and Dashboard Confessional all in the same week. It’s okay not to be okay. DC have quietly returned after a seven-year hiatus with their first new song since 2009’s Alter the Ending, and they’ve done so acoustically, with the spring-appropriate “May.” It comes with zero news of a new album (Chris has been writing, though!) and ahead of a new tour with — get this — Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, and Saosin. Yup, our teen hearts are beating pretty fast right about now. Have you missed Chris Carrabba wailing on about sentimental things? Wanna see him do all that in black and white? Hands down, you are Taylor Swift and you’re gonna love this.

Dashboard Confessional Return With ‘May’