The Dixie Chicks Are Here for Beyoncé’s Country Crossover, Cover ‘Daddy Lessons’

It remains to be seen whether or not Beyoncé will come for all the country music awards with Lemonade’s Southern pistol-whipper, “Daddy Lessons,” or if the haters will try shut her out. But the Dixie Chicks just gave their fellow Texas queen all the country cred even they know she never needed. Spitting in the face of country purists with effortless swagger, the Dixie Chicks covered “Daddy Lessons” in Europe over the weekend and, whaddya know, it sounds like a country song. They’re barely even playing up the twang (maybe a few extra yeehaws, because obviously), and it works all the same. When Bey and the Chicks slay “Daddy Lessons” and “Not Ready to Make Nice” together at the CMAs this year, just remember this ain’t Beyoncé’s first time at the rodeo, y’all.

The Dixie Chicks Cover Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’