DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Diddy, and More Music Moguls Pose for Billion-Dollar Squad Photo

Photo: @djkhaled

Women (namely Taylor Swift) may get all the credit for orchestrating elaborate squad photos these days, but men (namely rappers) have been beating them at the game for decades. Case in point: This incredible photo DJ Khaled has shared of himself just casually hanging out backstage at Beyoncé’s Formation tour in Atlanta with only some of the richest dudes in the music industry. From left to right you’ve got Usher, Diddy, Jay Z (natch), branding king Steve Stout, T.I., and the major key himself. If you cropped out everyone except Diddy and Hov, you’d still be looking at well over a billion dollars in the flesh. Can mogul talk be heard through an Instagram photo? They don’t want us to know.

DJ Khaled Shares Incredible Squad Photo