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Drake and Mini-Drake Got Way Too Into a Game of ‘Faceketball’ With Jimmy Fallon

Drake’s in town to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and, oh look, so are a thousand mini-Drakes. The 6 God stopped by The Tonight Show last night for a round of faceketball, which is exactly what it sounds like: Drake and Jimmy Fallon shooting their, er, balls at each other’s faces. What could go wrong? Well, when you’re playing with the Toronto Raptors’ wannabe sixth man, nothing, really. But you do get to see Drake and mini-Drake pretend like they’re in the dunk contest, bragging over their win just as obnoxiously as you think they would. Before their little game, Drake also shared an adorable story about his father, the legendary Dennis Graham, who FaceTimed him from Shanghai to ask his not-at-all-busy son to help him sell an RV. Ah, to see the views from the OG 6 Dad.

Drake, Mini-Drake Play ‘Faceketball’ With Fallon