Dwayne Johnson Released an Alarm-Clock App and You Better Goddamn Believe It’s Called Rock Clock

If you’re like most people, the only sound you want pulling you from the soft, warm grave of sleep is the sound of The Rock shredding on a guitar six inches from your face. Luckily for the future of American productivity, Dwayne Johnson has just announced Rock Clock, a free motivation app complete with specialized The Rock alarm tones and goal tracking. You can even sync your phone to Johnson’s schedule, perfect for those of us training to be a scorpion king. The app does not have a snooze button, which means you’ll definitely get out of bed with plenty of time to parachute into a baseball field and reunite with your ex-wife before rescuing your daughter from the catastrophic division of the San Andreas fault. Or, like, go for a 30-minute walk.

The Rock Released Alarm-Clock App, ‘Rock Clock’