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Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Raps Super-Fast on The Tonight Show, Proves Why He Should Be on Money, Too

Daveed Diggs! He’s taking this horse by the reins, making sport of Tony campaignsDaveed Diggs! And he’s never gonna stop wearing those cool tops and rapping totally insane! Daveed Diggs! Watch him play games with Jim, engagin’ Jim, amazin’ Jim! Daveed Diggs! He went on TV to have fun. Daveed Diggs! And he hit a home run, like this: Rapping a verse of his, from “Taking Off,” a song with words spoke super-quick. He can win an award next month, get his first Tony, but for him to succeed, there is something else we’d like to see — him on money! Can we suggest the dime?

Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Raps Super-Fast on TV