Victoria Beckham’s Unreleased Hip-Hop Album Will Bring You Back to the Early ’00s Whether You Wanted It Or Not

Uh, don’t worry about making a playlist for your BBQ this weekend. Victoria Beckham’s unreleased  2003 album, Come Together, has reemerged like those coffins bobbing to the surface of that swimming pool at the end of Poltergeist, and it’s got all the sweet, sexy, pseudo hip-hop tunes you need. (Warning: Victoria Beckham’s unreleased hip-hop album is hip-hop in the way Leslie Carter’s 2001 single ”Like Wow!” is hip-hop.)  According to Huffington Post, Damon Dash produced the 2003 album, which features an appearance from Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but it was subsequently shelved for reasons that should become immediately clear. The result? Imagine an exhausted Jennifer Lopez recorded an album that for legal reasons could only be played at Claire’s. Every character Hillary Duff has ever played would have loved it, and so will you.

Hear Victoria Beckham’s Unreleased Hip-Hop Album