Idris Elba and Macklemore Challenge You to the ‘Dance Off’ of Your Nightmares

Finally, it’s happened. Someone has managed to make Idris Elba unsexy, and that someone is, of course, Macklemore. Just when you’re longing to get an eyeful of Idris dressed to the nines in some impeccably tailored Bond suit, here he is serving Cruella De Vil in the Mack’s bizarre new video for their “Dance Off” collaboration. (Yep, that happened.) His look comes complete with a giant fur coat (obviously), a fedora, and Idris doing his best “Thriller” narration — and that’s just the first 16 seconds. What follows can only be described as Mackelmore mackling to the fullest. You’ve been warned.

Idris Elba Stars in Macklemore’s ‘Dance Off’ Vid