Inside Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher’s Honeymoon Tour

Many relationship experts will tell you that marrying someone within your career field is a risky move. They claim that working in the same line of employment can cause issues with the precious work/life balance, leading to stress, resentment, arguments and less quality time spent together. Never ones to adhere to conventional wisdom, Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher not only decided to get married, but are now about to embark on a co-headlining Honeymoon Tour to some of America’s most attractive destinations. I talked to the couple, who tied the knot six months ago, about the upcoming tour, their humble romantic beginning, and their future plans together.

One of the goals of this tour is to extend your honeymoon. How long do you guys think you can stay in the honeymoon phase?

Natasha: We were in Newport, Rhode Island where all these really wealthy people have lived since the Gilded Age. There was this one couple who were so rich they went on a 15-year honeymoon. They came back with two kids. Moshe and I got really inspired by their story. We thought we would follow in their footsteps and see how long we can keep this honeymoon going.

Moshe: So far, so good. It’s been great.

There are a lot of things that can lead people to say, “The honeymoon’s over.” It might be money problems, or somebody gets sick, or you have a kid. This couple had two kids and they still considered themselves in the honeymoon phase?

Natasha: They were traipsing around Europe the whole time.

Moshe: All you have to do is keep traveling and you can call it a honeymoon. I think that’s what works. So we decided to go to our favorite destinations on the West Coast to see how long we can squeeze this thing.

Natasha: We wanted to do a destination tour. Let’s say you don’t live in one of these great cities. It would make a great weekend trip.

Moshe: We’re going to the most beautiful areas in the western…

Natasha: Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Portland… sorry.

Moshe: Yeah, I was going to do my joke. We’re going to the most beautiful destinations in the Western United States – and also Tucson. I want the people of Tucson to know that somebody had to be the punch line of that joke. It could have been Albuquerque, but Tucson is first on the schedule.

Natasha: Well, it’s also Arizona.

Moshe: No, no, no, we love Arizona.

Natasha: You’re right. We do.

You two have known each other from the comedy world for quite some time. You’ve worked together on a lot of projects. At what point did you both realize that you we’re the ones for each other?

Moshe: I was very single for a long time.

Natasha: Very single.

Moshe: I was smashing pussy I would say in the hundreds.

Natasha: And I was smashing those monogamous three-year relationships, one right after the other.

Moshe: Just knocking them down. But, I don’t know, I was so single for so long that I thought I was never going to be in a relationship. I knew Natasha and we were friends from the comedy scene, but it was never like that. And then we were both single. Honestly, it’s not a magical story and I think that’s better because that means that we are just a couple that loves each other. I don’t want to talk about this. You fill in the rest.

Natasha: Yeah, just make sure you put in that part about him smashing pussy.

I read that after these shows you two will be giving advice out of a camper.

Natasha: Some of the shows.

Moshe: We’re still trying to work the details out of that particular and incredibly difficult part of our tour.

I pictured it like those people who travel by camper and hop from festival to festival. I wondered how rustic you were going to go with your travel accommodations.

Moshe: We are taking a camper for sure. I’ve got this dope little Scamp camper. It’s a fiberglass tow-behind that a regular four-cylinder car can pull. It’s really cute inside and I love it. Now, Natasha, if you believe it, prefers really nice hotels. So we’ll go to a National Park, then a nice hotel, then a campsite, and then a nice hotel. It will be a nice balance. The good thing is that we will be straight-up raw dog fucking in both the Scamp and the hotel.

Hosting the audience member Q&A in the camper is going to be a little weird then because you can’t get the smell of sex out of a camper very easily.

Moshe: We both have very fragrant genitalia. Natasha’s smells like Nag Champa. I’m more like a chestnut kind of situation.

Are you going to be filming the tour for anything?

Moshe: We might film the advice thing if we decide to do it.

Natasha: Be on the lookout because we’re going to put alerts on Twitter when we are in certain cities so we can try to meet with people.

A lot of people are going to be asking you what’s the best advice you can give for relationships. I want to know what you think the worst thing you could do in a marriage is?

Moshe: Have a secret life where are you lure city workers into your house and keep them trapped in a basement, like in a cage, and then don’t tell your wife about it until years later when she walks down and realizes that there are 26 people chained to the furnace. I feel like that would ruin a relationship.

The tour wraps up on June 17th. What do you both have coming up after that?

Moshe: Natasha has the season premiere of Another Period coming up June 15th. I just did a pilot for Comedy Central and I’m in development for another show on Showtime with the Russo Brothers. Zach Cregger from The Whitest Kids U’ Know and I wrote it. Natasha and I are also planning on having our lovely life together. We’ve got that on our dossier.

Are you planning on having any kids in the future?

Moshe: I imagine there are going to be lots of kids in our future.

Natasha: At least four.

Moshe: But right now we’re dealing with our three dogs. We’ll see what happens next.

Inside Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher’s Honeymoon […]