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Watch Cyndi Lauper and James Corden Sing a Duet Parody, ‘Girls Just Want Equal Funds’

Advocating for income equality, James Corden teamed up with Cyndi Lauper to rework her classic “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” hit. The result, “Girls Just Want Equal Funds,” aired Monday night on The Late Late Show, highlighting the gender wage gap and stereotypes of Hollywood and other work places with new lyrics and quips: “In every movie when things get real, a girl runs from danger still wearing high heels. Oh Hollywood, that’s not what we’d do, ’cause girls, they want comfy shoes,” Lauper sang, “and to be paid as much as the dudes.” Roll the clip above for more — also, yep, Corden in a pink wig.

Lauper, Corden Do ‘Girls Just Want Equal Funds’