Johnny Carson Is Back Thanks to Conner O’Malley’s ‘2Nite Show Starring Johnny Carson’

If you’re a fan of Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley’s many web videos where he takes on roles like Trump supporters, Wrigleyfield bros, McDonald’s lovers, and more, you’re in for an extra special treat with his much longer and somehow much weirder new video 2Nite Show Starring Johnny Carson. Described by O’Malley only as “an episode of the 2night Show Starring Johnny Carson,” the video stars O’Malley as the beloved and very much alive late night host, who’s joined by Ed McMahon and a great guest lineup including Marv Albert, Anna Nicole Smith, Blade, and “Gay Voice.” It even has commercial breaks, channel-flipping, and a special appearance by Geraldo Rivera, and as you might expect with O’Malley, things take a very dark turn at the end. More late night shows like this, please.

Johnny Carson Is Back Thanks to Conner O’Malley’s […]