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You Can Control Johnny Weir’s Brooch at This Year’s Kentucky Derby

Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Prepare to feel power drunk: At this year’s Kentucky Derby, NBC Sports reporter Johnny Weir will don a brooch that gallops and lights up at your command. According to The Verge, the brooch will get hot to trot whenever people tweet the hashtag #WatchMeNeighNeigh, a campaign that is actually quite misleading, as the brooch does not in fact seem to neigh, instead sticking to normal brooch behavior like lighting up and trying to gallop the heck away from equestrian society. So Weir’s stunt really comes down to a Machiavellian struggle of wills. Does your maniacal desire to remotely control the giddyapping of a stranger’s jewelry outmatch your disdain for a due-for-retirement “Nae Nae” reference? These are the ethical potholes of Weir science. 

You Can Control Johnny Weir’s Kentucky Derby Pin