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Julian Casablancas Is Getting His Own Show on Sirius XM, and Yes, It’s Obviously Going to Be Hella Weird

Photo: Rommel Demano/Getty Images

As Julian Casablancas once crooned on the Strokes’ pulsating third-album track “Electrocityscape”: Change your mind tonight / You belong to the city now / And you’re closer now, I know / You belong on the radio. Yes, Julian, you most certainly do belong on the radio. And Sirius XM agrees! The satellite-radio company announced today that the Strokes/Voidz front-man will be hosting his own monthly music show called Culture Void, which will specifically focus on Casablancas’s favorite obscure music. “I’m excited to have an hour to get weird on a big platform,” he said in a statement obtained by Pitchfork. The first show will air May 26, giving you two days to buy an oversize leather jacket or jean vest to celebrate the news.

Julian Casablancas to Host a Sirius XM Show