Kelly Ripa Gives Very Well-Rehearsed Toast to Strahan on His Final Live Show

The show is over, say good-bye. Today we bid adieu to the good ol’ days of drama-free mornings on Live! With Kelly and Michael, as Michael Strahan officially left Live after his last show on Friday. Ripa began the farewell with a Champagne toast, of course, but not to the douche bags at ABC who kept her out of the loop. She instead raised a glass to her dearly departed co-host, whom she will remember fondly for filling her mornings with joy, humor, horrible French accents, and blackout rage. Okay, she didn’t exactly say that last part, but if we were Strahan, we’d think twice about sipping whatever’s in that drink. (Ripa calls it “the good stuff”; we call it poison.) Au revoir!

Kelly Ripa Bids Farewell to Strahan on Live