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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Perks Include Freaking Out Over Degrassi and Cholula Hot Sauce

17th Annual AudienceChoice Awards Cocktail Reception
Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Lin-Manuel Miranda is relishing Hamilton’s acclaim with a good hit of Cholula hot sauce. He screamed each time the hit musical received one of its record number of Tony nominations. “My dog was freaking the fuck out,” he told Vulture at’s Audience Choice Awards reception on Tuesday, where Hamilton unsurprisingly cleaned up. Even with all of the highs within the past year — a MacArthur genius grant, a Pulitzer prize, a Grammy award, performing for the Obamas at the White House — he says each new experience is just as thrilling as the next. “It’s different every day, honestly,” Miranda said. “Like last week, someone from the Degrassi TV show was at our show, and I loved the Degrassi TV show. I watched every episode of it, so I was just as freaked out!” (Miranda did not specify whether “someone from Degrassi” meant Drake.)

And let’s not forget about the hot sauce. “And just today, I had a gift box from Cholula!” Miranda said. “’Cause I tweeted that I like Cholula Hot Sauce, and lo and behold, Cholula sends me a box of fuckin’ Cholula stuff! It’s like, what an insane position to be in, that the riches just keep coming, whether it’s someone from Degrassi or Cholula hot sauce,” he laughed. “They’re all part of the large thing, which is just that we are in this rarified air, and I’m just trying to appreciate all of it.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda Freaked Out Over Hot Sauce