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Lizzy Caplan Named Her Cat Colbert, But Like in a Cool Way, Not Like You Squares Naming Your Cat Colbert Today

Unlike your cats Borat, Gangham Style, and Linsanity, Lizzy Caplan selected her pet’s moniker with deep prudence and foresight. The Now You See Me 2 actress stopped by the Late Show last night to discuss how she named her 13-year-old fat cat after her then-favorite Daily Show correspondent, and no offense to Mo Rocca, she bet on the right horse. That being said, anyone who named their cat after Stephen Colbert from Strangers With Candy or Exit 57 deserves even greater bragging rights, as well as a congratulations on your cat being the oldest cat in the entire world.

Lizzy Caplan Wants Cred for Naming Cat Colbert