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Louis C.K. Will Not Be Reading This Post About How He Quit the Internet

Louis C.K. may be the creator of a star-studded web series, but he’s not on the internet anymore. It’s like a newfangled media diet cleanse: He reads books by exciting new authors like Jane Austen, and he’s getting his news from Samantha Bee. “I don’t know what the network is, but she’s the funniest person,” he tells a mildly confused Jimmy Fallon. “I know she’s your competitor, and you’re very funny, but you don’t need any help.” Also, C.K. discussed how he cast Horace and Pete, which was mostly by approaching his favorite actresses at the Emmys. We don’t recommend that you do this, because you are not Louis C.K. Why do we know this? Louis C.K. wouldn’t be reading this post.

Louis C.K. Has Quit the Internet