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Margot Robbie Films Another Bathtub Scene to Explain Red Nose Day, Slowly Becoming Our Main Source of Legitimate News

God bless Margot Robbie, but is this really the standard she wants to set for America? Teaching us about actual, important, real-world subjects from the tub like she did in The Big Short? This honestly might be the only way people are able to learn information going forward, in which case, that poor woman’s skin is going to slough off entirely, her fingers so wrinkly as to be rendered useless. On the other hand, informing people about Red Nose Day is probably worth delivering news from your bathtub for the rest of your life. Red Nose Day is about child poverty which, really, did you know before Margot Robbie told you while bathing?

Margot Robbie Explains Red Nose Day From Her Tub