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Allow Mariah Carey to Demonstrate What to Do When You Have Nothing Nice to Say About Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez

Hello, darling, have you heard Mariah Carey has a reality show coming? Oh, you’re still living for that footage? Perfect, here’s Mariah Carey throwing more shade in another round of Plead the Fifth — a game practically invented for her — on last night’s Watch What Happens Live. Watch what happens when Andy Cohen dares to ask Mariah to say not one, not two, but three nice things about Nicki Minaj. Have you ever seen someone end a life with just one glare? Neither had Cohen until now. May he rest in peace beneath Mariah’s shade tree.

Not quite buried yet, Cohen went on to ask Mariah about her dear friend Jennifer Lopez. Ever the epitome of no chill, Mariah finger-combed her hair and clarified: She does not know Jennifer Lopez.

She knows of her — Jenny’s that so-and-so who once waved at Mariah, and she can’t be expected to care about every member of the riffraff. “Apparently, I’m forgetful,” she says, remembering how unworthy we all are to live in Mariah’s World.

Mariah Carey Pleads the Fifth, Shades J.Lo Again