Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Doing Black Panther, Pushing the Cast to Dangerous Levels of Attractiveness

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Member of the MCU. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It appears that Michael B. Jordan is jumping into the cast of Ryan Coogler’s 2018 Marvel superhero movie Black Panther. This continues Jordan’s streak as Coogler’s muse, given that he has starred in Fruitvale Station and Creed. If you’re thinking, “Hey, isn’t Michael B. Jordan already in a superhero thing?” you’re sort of right: He played the Human Torch in last year’s Fox outing Fantastic Four, but that bombed hard, so one can presume he won’t be caught up in any kind of franchise commitment on that front. Today’s report comes from The Hollywood Reporter and it’s unclear what his character’s role will be, although one source apparently told them he might be a villain. Hmm, well he’s not playing longtime Black Panther villain Klaw, because Andy Serkis already has that covered … uh, maybe Erik Killmonger? This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s whispers about Lupita Nyong’o joining the flick, and between her, Jordan, and star Chadwick Boseman, it’s almost criminal how beautiful this cast is shaping up to be.

Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Doing Black Panther