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Lionsgate Is Reportedly Trying to Save Nashville

Fingers crossed! Photo: Mark Levine/ABC

A day after ABC killed it, Nashville is already looking for a new home. Lionsgate, the show’s producer, is trying to resuscitate the series by shopping it around to other outlets, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR doesn’t name names, but Hulu, of course, has been known to swoop in and save previously axed shows (see: The Mindy Project), so cross your fingers Connie Britton is sticking around. (THR also notes that it’s not unusual for producers to try to send recently canceled shows elsewhere, but nothing’s guaranteed.) If it is rescued by another outlet, Nashville will live to see a fifth season. If not, it’ll sing its swan song on May 25, reportedly ending on a cliffhanger. (Pour one out, Nashies, just in case.)

Nashville Might Not Be Dead Yet