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Neil Young Wouldn’t Let Donald Trump Keep on Rockin’ in His Free World Because of the ‘Misogyny and the Racism’

Despite Neil Young recently making it sound like he would’ve been chill with Donald Trump using “Rockin’ in the Free World” at his rallies if he’d just asked, turns out, maybe not. Young stopped by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show dressing room last night to clarify that there are couple key facts about Trump that make him unfit to keep on rockin’ in his free world. You know, “‘cause of the misogyny and the racism.” No big deal. But say you’re not a misogynist or a racist? Still, no dice. Reneging on his whole “everybody can use it for anything” stance, Young is also here to clarify that, at this point, everybody pretty much just means Bernie Sanders … and probably Jimmy Fallon.

Neil Young Explains Why He’s Not a Fan of Trump