Nick Carter Had Some Earth-shattering Advice for Nick Jonas; You Might Not Be Ready to Hear It, Because, Like, Whoa

TOPMAN & Nick Jonas Celebrate the TOPMAN Magazine 'This Is Tailoring' Issue
Nick Jonas, delicate flower. Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Some truths change the way you understand the universe: Light can be a particle and a wave, water is denser than ice, the square root of 69 is eight something. Nick Carter, sage in the body of a Backstreet Boy, dropped one such truth upon Nick Jonas, who was probably flexing his muscles at the time (we couldn’t confirm this, but it seems true). Jonas relayed the wisdom to EW:

“The best advice came really early on, it was actually Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys,” Jonas recalls. “He said, ‘Watch the people you admire most and learn from their mistakes.’ It was like, wow. He’s a really nice guy. But even all his bandmates were like, ‘What did you just say? Whoa, that was really deep.’”

Nobody tell Nick Jonas to “be yourself, everybody else is taken.” He might not be able to process it.

Nick Carter Had Some Advice for Nick Jonas