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Orange Is the New Black Season 4 Trailer: It’s the Prison Industrial Complex, Stupid

It’s getting crowded here in Litchfield, or as Aleida Diaz says in the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Orange Is the New Black, “It’s sardine time, bitches.” In season three, the entire prison furthered its capitalist interests, with the prisoners making women’s underwear and a brand-new group of inmates on their way. Season four looks to deal with those impulses: The prison is overpopulated and there aren’t enough COs. One of the newcomers, of course, is domestic mogul Judy King (a not-so-veiled reference to Martha Stewart), but it’s not all going to be papier-mâché roses: Sophia Burset is locked in the SHU and Piper is getting into so many beefs she’s like the Taylor Swift of Litchfield. Season four of Orange Is the New Black premieres June 17.

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