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Paul Feig’s Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers: ‘Don’t Be an A**Hole’

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 01: Director Paul Feig attends the
Photo: Michael Loccisano/2013 Getty Images

Paul Feig’s movies make a lot of money, so he must be a very good filmmaker. Speaking at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts commencement ceremony this weekend, he advised aspiring filmmakers, “Don’t be an asshole.” (Feig graduated from USC in 1984.) “You want to make something great, but be cool while you’re doing it so people will hire you again. Because if you screw up and you’re an asshole, they won’t hire you again. But if you’re nice and you screw up, then they’re like, ‘Let’s give him another shot…’ It will buy you one free pass.” The director of Bridesmaids also told the graduates to “love the audience” and not judge them if they have bad taste in movies. “There are no stupid people liking stupid things,” he said. “People like what they like, just try to entertain them.” You can watch the Ghostbusters director’s speech, via The Wrap, below.

Paul Feig’s Advice: ‘Don’t Be an A**Hole’