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When Prince Found Out the Kardashians Were Slated to Appear in His New Girl Episode, Naturally All Traces of Them Were Burned

In New Girl creator Liz Meriwether’s essay about Prince’s surprise cameo on the show, she recounted how filming the episode was filled with such weird, wonderful moments that perfectly aligned with the mystical aura of the Purple Man — including, for example, his commandeering a megaphone and shouting, “Does anyone want to fall in love tonight?” However, one small anecdote has been left out until now: an almost-appearance by certain members of the Kardashian family. While appearing on Conan last night, Zooey Deschanel discussed how the Kardashians were originally slated to appear in the episode  which centers around a celebrity-filled party thrown at Prince’s mansion — but once Prince got wind of their potential presence, their appearance was swiftly nixed. No Kardashian, as logic deems, would ever be invited to his party.

“I get there the day that Prince is supposed to arrive; I’m studying my lines,” said Deschanel. “One of the PAs comes in and she’s like, ‘I need all of the scripts.’ She takes mine from me, takes everyone’s call sheets, so I’m like, What’s going on? I walk outside and she has a bonfire. She’s burning all the scripts and the call sheets. It turns out that someone from Prince’s camp said, ‘Who are the celebrities? I hope it’s not a Kardashian.’ It’s sad because Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner had very kindly come in and shot the scene … but Prince was running the show.” Damn right he was.

Prince: No New Girl Cameo With Kardashians