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Radiohead Shares a Stop-Motion Video for ‘Burn the Witch,’ Continuing Their Surreal Album Rollout

After wiping their presence from the web, Radiohead has returned with a new song and music video — perhaps a precursor to an upcoming album, perhaps not. Really, it has to be, but sure, let’s play Radiohead’s game. The song, “Burn the Witch” received the most Radiohead of promotions, as the band sent out leaflets advertising the release of the song, and teased a clip of a chirping bird. Chris Hopewell directed the stop-motion video, which depicts a visitor to a Camberwick Greenlike town full of witchy rituals, though — spoiler alert — the townspeople don’t actually burn the witch. They do, however, have a giant wicker man, essential to any pagan rite. The single, the band’s first since they released their unused theme for Spectrewill be available on May 4.

Radiohead Releases Video for ‘Burn the Witch’