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Rita Ora and Katy Perry Trolled the Met Gala With ‘Not Becky’ Pins

Rita Ora leaves Up&Down in NYC and laughs at a fallen paparazzi
Sure. Photo: Pap Nation / Splash News

Who is Becky With the Good Hair? Is Becky me? Is Becky you? Who knows! But with Beyoncé the star of last night’s Met Gala, every could-be Becky took the opportunity to clear her name. The public schmoozing began, of course, with Beyoncé’s No. 1 fan Rita Ora photobombing the queen for a Snapchat declaring the two family. (Blue Ivy will have final say on that.) But in case you still think she’s one xoJane memoir away from slipping on spilled tea, Ora also used her post-Gala outfit to again declare to the world that she’s not Becky. See that pin? It says “Not Becky,” so cased closed.

But wait — there was another “Not Becky” running around the Met Gala with the same pin: Katy Perry! No one had accused Katy of being Jay Z’s Becky, so why get ahead of a rumor that never started? Could this diversion all be part of Beyoncé’s master marketing plan? We’re not saying she did this, but we’re also not not saying that Bey’s clutch looked big enough to fit more than a few “Not Becky” pins, if need be.

Hey, look, here’s one self-proclaimed Becky who didn’t get a pin:

Rita Ora, Katy Perry Wear ‘Not Becky’ Pins