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Rob Corddry’s New Adult Swim Pilot Is About the Hindenburg and Boy, If That Doesn’t Have You Laughing Already!

Rob Corddry Visits AOL Build
Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Zeppelin wranglers, Zeppelin pilots, zeppoles for craft services, firefighters, fire encouragers, Nazi uniforms, probably some microphones or whatever: The budget for Rob Corddry’s new pilot, The Hindenburg Explodes!, must be astronomical. The 15-minute pilot, which was just picked up by Adult Swim, was co-written by Josh Perilo and Jonathan Stern, and will follow the Hindenburg’s 1937 infamous flight from Germany to New Jersey, telling the story of “that flight and its unusual crew and passengers.” Spoiler alert for those of you unfamiliar with the Hindenburg: The trip has a real twist ending.

Rob Corddry’s New Pilot Is Headed to Adult Swim