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Over the course of the season, Scandal has shifted from bad romance into a full-on political circus. In tonight’s finale, we’ll find out who Republican nominee Mellie’s grooming to be her VP … but in a season where Olivia murdered a man with her bare hands, presumably a lot more is in store for us, right? Follow along with Vulture recapper Phoebe Robinson, who’ll be live-blogging all the foolishness, right here starting at 9 p.m.

Phoebe Robinson: Welp, that’s the end to an up and down season. Hope y’all enjoyed! Peep my recap in the morning! Xo

Phoebe Robinson: Rowan is just drinking wine. What is he doing??? What is he cooking up???

Phoebe Robinson: CYRUS BEENE IS THE VP NOMINATION?!?!? Yooooooooooooooo, I have to applaud that! Cy don’t play.

Phoebe Robinson: Liv wants to be in charge. Damn, Liv is like the new Command, for sure. Jake: “I’ve gone from being his bitch to yours.” Donde esta the lie?

Phoebe Robinson: He just wants a normal life with Liv. UHHHHH, Liv doesn’t do normal, Jake?

Phoebe Robinson: WHAT?! Jake is taking himself off the ticket!

Phoebe Robinson: OK, Cy just dumped Tom for Michael. I have a feeling that Tom is going to go all “single white female” on Michael. LAWD!

Phoebe Robinson: I really want Mellie and Marcus to smash on Fitz’s stack of suits.

Phoebe Robinson: So Rosen isn’t going to be Vargas’ VP, but someone else. WHO is it?

Phoebe Robinson: They walk out together! Rowan couldn’t pull the trigger!!! Whoa!

Phoebe Robinson: Liv is like, “Do it!” Jake is like, “Uhhhhhhh.” And she’s like, “Come with me.” But how?

Phoebe Robinson: OMG! Rowan put a gun to Jake’s head. K, Liv, she needs to tell Jake to sit back down.

Phoebe Robinson: Jake, if I were you, I would keep your ass in that chair!

Phoebe Robinson: Also, why didn’t Liv just come in the room and shoot Rowan??? I don’t get it. His old ass isn’t impervious to bullets!

Phoebe Robinson: Tom is hot. I man, I would. Who wouldn’t?

Phoebe Robinson: Whoa, Cy and Tom are talking about killing Micheal. And Tom is like, “Can I be your new Michael?” Damn, Tom is in it to win it. But is Cy?

Phoebe Robinson: Huck tells Liv that she can’t take Command, but that she needs to BECOME Command.

Phoebe Robinson: Maybe her look back at him says that she knows he knows about the abortion? If so, I like how understated that moment was. They both know they were not in any position to raise a family together.

Phoebe Robinson: He says he’s going to be a better listener and is going to change the speech because Mellie asks. Then he says, “I support your choice.” Hmmm, do you think Liv knows what he means by that???

Phoebe Robinson: Fitz tells Liv that he misses talking to her, but not like that. Thank goodness! He then tells her he is sorry he didn’t listen to her more. Whoa, he’s learning to not be a fuckboi.

Phoebe Robinson: How is Jake a good choice??? How is Mellie a good choice??? No one on this show is qualified for a damn thing!

Phoebe Robinson: Why is Fitz being mad chill with Liv right now? Is a speech coming?

Phoebe Robinson: Wait. Jake is Mellie’s running mate??? How is Rowan going to let that happen??? I’m confused.

Phoebe Robinson: So OPA leaks Wagner’s drug selling past so Liv can nominate a new VP for Mellie. WHO IS IT?!?!?!

Phoebe Robinson: Huck is all heavy breathing and bulging eyes. Poor thang.

Phoebe Robinson: Liv tells Jake that she what she says and does is to save his life. If Olake get back together, I’m done/will keep watching this show until the final episode.

Phoebe Robinson: How is Liv meeting Jake in a daylight at a parking lot discreet? LOL. This is goofy.

Phoebe Robinson: But her saying that Fitz is entitled and complained about being President all the time? Very on point!

Phoebe Robinson: Mellie says that she earned the nomination and did this on her own is the funniest thing said all season. I mean, she only got this far because she was married to Fitz. Da fuq she talking about????

Phoebe Robinson: So Mellie and Fitz are cussing each other out and there is no one in the background videotaping them and uploading to WorldStar? LOL.

Phoebe Robinson: OK, I will say that Fitz is making good points that talking about himself during the convention instead of about her and their awkward AF relationship.

Phoebe Robinson: Whoa, Fitz is sabotaging his convention speech. Once again, Mellie is getting screwed over again because of Olitz drama.

Phoebe Robinson: I’m here for Cyrus and Liv teaming up to take Rowan down. YAAAAAAAS!

Phoebe Robinson: I’m over Liv being grossed out by murders and lying when she is just as trifling as everyone else. SHUT. UP.

Phoebe Robinson: I never thought I would say this, but “Poor Cy.” I mean, that is kind of messed up that he now has to work with the man who killed James.

Phoebe Robinson: Even tho I’m livid at Abby, Olivia should have told Fitz she wanted to have an abortion. Kind of crappy to keep him in the dark on something this important. Everyone messed up!


Phoebe Robinson: Also, Lizzie and David hooking up is making me wanna throw up.

Phoebe Robinson: Sorry not sorry, but I’m not buying David’s whole “Susan is the love of my life” crap.

Phoebe Robinson: Dang, now Cy is doing Rowan’s bidding and vouches for Jake. Sorry, David. You’re done.

Phoebe Robinson: Also, why does Fitz think that Vermont is a possibility? Did Liv give him a hope at some point and I just missed it?

Phoebe Robinson: Fitz acting like leaving the White House is like graduating Bayside High School. LOL. Has he done ANNNNNNNNNY work while in office?

Phoebe Robinson: Hahaha. I feel the same way. But then who else is going to bring the drama on the show.

Phoebe Robinson: I will say this: a Vargas/Ballard ticket is actually pretty decent. Just wish the idea happened organically.

Porsch: Rowan needs to die. I’m so tired of his shenanigans

Phoebe Robinson: LOL at Rowan knowing everyone’s secret and nobody has anything on him? They should just let him get what he wants at this point. Constantly being outdone by him is ig at this point.

Phoebe Robinson: Edison relaying Jake’s message to Liv. Doesn’t Edison have anything else to do? Why is he such a lackey on this show?

Phoebe Robinson: All these white dudes VP options that Mellie has are corny AF. Sorry, girl. But also, she’s barely qualified to run for president, so…

Phoebe Robinson: Also, I’m not buying Cy being all about making the world a better place. He doesn’t even give a damn about his own daughter. Boy, bye.

Phoebe Robinson: Wait…David Rosen for Frankie Vargas’ VP nominee? I mean, like what does David do all day???

Phoebe Robinson: Tom, as crazy as he is, is a devoted bae. #SilverLiningPlaybook            

Phoebe Robinson: OMG! Vanessa’s dad….did Jake just poison Vanessa’s dad and cause his heart attack! #TeamScrewJake. Everyone on this show is trash.

Phoebe Robinson: Jake is hanging with Vanessa’s dad. I feel bad that innocent people are getting caught up in all this Rowan bullcrap.

Phoebe Robinson: Hey boo boos! It’s time for Scandal season finale!! You ready????

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