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Sebastian Stan’s High-School Classmates Made Fun of His Perfect Hair, Because They Were, Like, Really Bad at Insults

Zach Woods and Sebastian Stan were very awkward in their youth, as all of us were — but now they’re successful Hollywood actors, so they get to make fun of everyone who shamed them, and on national television. Woods got a weird headshot done before he went on The Office, and everyone in Sebastian Stan’s high-school class made fun of him for being obsessed with his hair. But to be honest, that hair is worthy of obsession. It’s truly great hair, not in the way that kids in high school say “great hair” sarcastically, but luscious and well-defined, like its being featured in an ad for conditioner. Barbers weep when they have to cut it. It’s the kind of hair Samson had. Sorry, what were we talking about?

Sebastian Stan and Zach Woods Compare Headshots