Taylor Swift Made the Most Money of Any Musician in 2015, Unless She Has to Share With the Squad, in Which Case, Yikes

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Taylor Swift now has so much money, she can have all of our treadmills seized and destroyed as revenge for that Drake incident. Drag yours out of the garage and kiss it good-bye. Billboard presented their Top 40 Money Makers of 2015 list, and it mightn’t surprise you that TSwift’s seemingly never-ending 1989 World Tour made her the No. 1 highest-paid musician of the year with $73.5 million. Kenny Chesney, the Rolling Stones, and Billy Joel trail her at quite a distance. While touring earned Taylor over $60 million, she also raked in $7 million in sales, and earned $4 million in publishing royalties (in part from Ryan Adams’s 1989 cover album). However, if she has to divide that money by the number of Victoria’s Secret models she had walk the stage at her shows, dear God, Taylor has got to be barely breaking even, right?

Taylor Swift Was Highest-Paid Musician in 2015