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Ben Affleck Suffers the Sadness of Being Too Darn Special in New The Accountant Trailer

One See? We can be funny too! trailer for Justice League aside, the year of Ben Affleck’s ennui continues astride with The Accountant. The film will trade the burden of Batfleck for the burden of being a wealthy, socially alienated, renegade danger-chaser who’s also really good at math. In The Accountant, math savant Christian Wolff (Affleck) works at a small-town CPA office to mask the freelance bookkeeping he does for dangerous criminals — an activity the federal government naturally doesn’t tolerate. Anna Kendrick co-stars as the everywoman who gets caught up in Affleck’s mess (someone better be taking care of someone’s taxes pro bono), joining John Lithgow, J.K. Simmons, Jeffrey Tambor, and Jon Bernthal. Watch Affleck be dangerous and sad in the new trailer above, or watch him spin it to sad and dangerous in The Accountant’s first trailer, below.

Ben Affleck Is Now The Accountant